Study MBBS in Ukraine

Study MBBS in Ukraine with Foreign MBBS

Seeking MBBS Admission in Ukraine is not an easy task. In fact, there is a need of a strong will to accomplish the whole process. Popular for the orthodox churches and Black sea coastline, Ukraine is one of the largest countries situated in Southeast part of Europe. It is a self-governed nation consisting of a population around forty-four million with the total area of 600,700 square kilometers. The country shares its boundary with Belarus, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Poland, Moldova, and Hungary. The constitution of Ukraine runs on the semi-presidential system, a unitary republic country.

Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine is home to the famous St. Sophia’s Cathedral with eleventh-century frescoes and mosaics. And when it comes to strength of military power, Ukraine has been placed just after Russia. Thus, Ukraine holds a very strong position in the world and this one of the major reason why most of the aspirants wish to study MBBS in Ukraine.

Why Study MBBS in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a dream destination for many aspirants who want to study MBBS abroad, but what are the reasons? Still thinking? If yes, then you should read this.

  • The top medical colleges of Ukraine focus on practical skills rather than theoretical knowledge.
  • The country offers excellent weather condition which is really conducive to study MBBS in Ukraine.
  • The medical schools provide distinguished faculty to aspirants with excellent teaching experience.
  • Excellent education quality that meets the standards of the USA.
  • Inexpensive fee structure that allows most of the Indian aspirants to seek MBBS Admission in Ukraine
  • MBBS in Ukraine is approved by the Medical Council of India. This means aspirants can start practicing in their own country after the successful completion of MBBS in Ukraine.
  • The standard of living gets improved automatically due to the European culture in the country.
  • MBBS in Ukraine is globally recognized.
  • The medium of instruction is English. Thus it becomes easier for Indian aspirants to study MBBS in Ukraine without worrying about the language.
  • The international aspirants get special discounts on traveling varying from thirty to fifty percent.
  • While doing MBBS in Ukraine, aspirants taught lessons but some of the well-known lecturers from the countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, and Canada.
  • The aspirants are given chance to participate in symposia and seminars held in the other European countries.
  • The Bilateral Student Exchange programs are held in Ukrainian Universities with the collaboration of universities of the other countries like Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, and Finland.
  • International aspirants are allowed to go for three months job during summer vacations in the other countries like Sweden, UK, and other European nations.
  • Guaranteed Visa to the deserving aspirants seeking MBBS admission in Ukraine.

Top MCI Approved Medical Colleges to Study MBBS in Ukraine

  • Kharkiv National Medical University
  • Bogmolets National University
  • Sumy State University
  • Odessa National Medical University
  • V N Karazin Kharkiv National University
  • Kiev Medical University
  • Uzhgorod National University

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