Study MBBS in China

Know All about MBBS in China for Indian Students!

MBBS in China for Indian students is very tough, but as it is said where there’s a will there’s a way. Proving this proverb correct, various Indian aspirants seek MBBS admission in China every year. Before exploring the education system of China, let’s get a glance of the country.

About China

The most populous country in East Asia, China marks a huge coastline of more than fourteen thousand Kilometers. Some of the beautiful landscape of the country includes high mountains, dry deserts, and beautiful lakes and rivers. Beijing is the capital of China and is a perfect combination of the modern construction and the historical architecture. It often includes the Forbidden City Palace and famous Tiananmen Square.

Why Should One Study MBBS in China?

China is becoming a great craze amongst medical aspirants these days, as it is the most desirable destination to seek MBBS admission. As a result, every year, more than ten thousand International aspirants enroll their names in the top Medical Universities of China. The major reason why the youngsters are able to connect with the education system of the country is simply the facilities that the Medical Universities of the country provide. First of all, most of the Universities offering MBBS in China for Indian students are English medium. Hence, this eliminates the factor of limited understanding. The second most important criteria that the Universities of China fulfills is that they are approved by the Medical Council of India. This means, if anyone wants to start practicing in India, they may, but only after clearing the screening exam, which is conducted by the MCI. Also, MBBS China is internationally recognized by the regulatory bodies like the World Health Organization, popularly known as WHO.

The number of Universities providing English medium programs of MBBS in China is increasing year after year. As a result, now we have more forty-five top medical Universities which are recognized by the China Ministry of Education. These approved medical schools often enroll International aspirants for the Undergraduate programs and possess the power to offer Master’s degree in Clinical Medicine.

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