Top 10 Reasons to Study MBBS in China!

study mbbs in china

MBBS Abroad in China

China is one of the populous countries of East Asia and its vast area comprises of sandy deserts, high mountains, beautiful grasslands, floating rivers, majestic lakes and around fourteen thousand kilometers of coastline. Beijing is the capital city of China. It is the perfect combination of historic sites and modern architecture. Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City palace complex is a perfect example of this. Next comes the Shanghai, which is a world financial center studded with a supertall skyscraper. Additionally, one cannot miss mentioning about the iconic Great Wall of China, which runs east to west across China’s north. As a nation, China emerged as the country having world’s oldest civilization in the North China Plain.

Indian Aspirants Pursuing MBBS in China

Amongst the Indian aspirants, China came up as the most preferred destination to study MBBS abroad in the recent years. It is mainly due to the reason that China offers direct admission in MBBS at low cost. Though it has also been observed that most of the Indian aspirants often come to China for higher education but without knowing much about the place and it’s education system. There are various cases of students being misled by their overseas educational consultant while seeking MBBS admission Abroad. Hence, it is very much important to consult only the best MBBS Abroad consultants.

Benefits of Doing MBBS in China

  1. MBBS in China offers a global degree that has been accepted worldwide.
  2. Well Qualified Faculties.
  3. The country gives an opportunity to study MBBS in foreign at low cost.
  4. Comparatively easy accommodation and lower living expenses.
  5. Study MBBS abroad scholarship is also provided to the students.
  6. Well-equipped associated hospitals where the practical approach is the first priority since the beginning.
  7. Medical Institutes for doing MBBS in China are approved by various International bodies like UNESCO, WHO, IMED, FAIMER, AMEE.
  8. Get the opportunity to study medicine abroad in English.
  9. International exposure as various nationalities mixes with each other.
  10. Students doing MBBS in China are eligible to give screening exams in India, the USA, and the UK as well.


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