Know All About Philippines – Before Seeking MBBS Admission Abroad


If you are looking for MBBS admission Abroad than it’s quite important to know about the country well where you are aspiring to seek admission. The Philippines is one such country which is quite famous for higher education, especially MBBS in Abroad. Situated in the Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific, Philippines comprises of more than seven thousand islands. Out of these three major islands of the country are the Visayas, Mindanao, and Luzon. The capital of Philippines is Manila, a densely populated city located on the island of Luzon. The city is quite famous for its waterfront promenade plus very old Chinatown, Binondo. Nearby countries of Philippines are Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

Before considering your MBBS admission in the Philippines you must know that the country is a twelfth most populous country in the world and multiple cultures and ethnicities are found in the islands. Cultural influences in the country come from the US, Spain and of course India. It is also said that in the 13th Century, the Philippines was a part of the Indian Hindu Java Kingdom. Thus the country is considered as one of the best places to seek overseas MBBS admission.

Moreover, the Philippines provides easy accommodation to the International aspirants came to study MBBS in Abroad. The hostel facility that the University offers is excellent as the rooms are well-furnished with every possible modern amenities. The dormitory rooms at the hostel provide the accommodation of up to three aspirants in one hostel room. Not only this but there is also the provision of proper Indian food, keeping the comfort of Indian aspirants in mind. Aspirants can also seek local Indian restaurants to enjoy the delicious taste that food which they crave for. Aspirants are also provided with the facility of twenty-four hours emergency medical services. Hence, you must consider the Philippines before selecting the Universities for overseas MBBS admission. For more information on medical admission 2018, contact us and find the best MBBS Abroad consultants.


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