Kyrgyzstan, a Prime Destination to Study MBBS Abroad!

Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is also called by the name of Kyrgyz Republic. The country is situated in Asia and it is bordered by the countries like China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. The capital city of this beautiful country is Bishkek. Once Kyrgyzstan was a part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) but after the 1991 split, Kyrgyzstan grew into a separate entity. Since the time the country became the Kyrgyz Republic, more often perceived as Kyrgyzstan. Although the national language of Kyrgyzstan is Kyrgyz, the other major language which is widely spoken in the country is Russian. Kyrgyzstan has a major contribution in the Silk Road, a popular trade route that joins China to Mediterranean. The Issyk-Kul Lake, a famous tourist stop for various vacationers is also situated in Kyrgyzstan. During winters, the temperature of the country reaches up to six degrees but in summers it is quite pleasant and never exceeds more than thirty degrees.

Kyrgyzstan consists of seven states and most of these states have a number of medical colleges in their capital cities that are run by the Government. Thus this place is the prime destination for the international students to study MBBS in Abroad.

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