Know All About FMGE Exam or MCI Screening Test!


Once the aspirants finish their MBBS Abroad from MCI approved college, they need to give a licensure exam to start the practice medicine in India. This exam is known as FMGE, Foreign Medical Graduates Examination and it is often named as MCI screening test.

The basic aspect of clearing this exam is not much difficult. Out of three hundred question, one needs to answer one hundred fifty questions correctly. This is only fifty percent passing rate which is not much difficult to score if the student is dedicated and committed to pursuing his/her dreams.

Before deciding the best place to study MBBS Abroad, the aspirants get paused thinking of the FMGE Exam or MCI screening test and remain confused. This confusion is very much correct to some extent as without any coaching for MCI screening test preparation it would be definitely difficult to become a doctor. Thus it is very much important to select one such University to study MBBS Abroad that offer MCI screening test coaching, only then the solution is possible.

We at Foreign MBBS believe to give wings to your dreams and mold them into a real picture. Step by step we are trying to provide the aspirants the best we can. If you want to know more and don’t want to go through any harassment and misleading, then contact us.


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