Know All About Living in Georgia to Study MBBS Abroad


Accommodation and Food

Georgia is a wonderful country that offers excellent hostel facility to the Indian aspirants pursuing MBBS abroad. The rooms are well furnished with all the modern amenities. There is also a good provision for the recreation centers and best study environment. The hostel rooms can accommodate up to three students in one room. The hostel room consists of bed, blankets, pillow, mattress, chair, desk, cupboard, proper lighting arrangement to study and suitable water heating system. Thus the aspirants may feel at ease and remain relaxed while pursuing their MBBS Abroad in Georgia. After the arrival of various Indian aspirants in the country, a number of local Indian food corners and restaurants have been opened offering delicious Indian food. However, the aspirants have the option of cooking on their own as there is the availability of common kitchen, so that the aspirants may have whatever they want to eat.


The aspirants going to study MBBS abroad must know about the weather of the country. Georgia is highly influenced by the monsoons, that starts from Siberia. The wind starts blowing in the month of September and October and as well as in the month of March and April. However, the country loses the pace if we move towards the south as it renders dry and cold winters. There is a difference of around 40 degrees between north and south region of Georgia.


The culture of the country has emerged over the long history of Georgia. The country has a diverse national culture with strong and effective literary tradition which is based on the Georgian alphabets and language. All this has contributed a lot to preserve the Georgian distinctiveness.


Tourism is the most important component of the Georgian economy. Currently, international tourism is one amongst the fast-growing industry in the country. Thus the aspirants seeking MBBS admission Abroad must consider Georgia when deciding the best place to study MBBS Abroad.

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