European University and Free USMLE Courses!


MBBS Abroad from European Universities awards the aspirants USMLE preparation and that too without any fees. The course is managed by some experienced instructors and USMLE graduates. The teaching is on the basis of innovative technologies and up-to-date study materials. Also, after each and every testing session, the needs and requirement of the aspirants are evaluated individually and often examined by the instructors to help them in a better way and prepare them for the exam challenges. The course is free of cost to everyone who has confirmed MBBS admission abroad at any European University.

What is USMLE when doing MBBS Abroad?

USMLE means the United States Medical Licensing Examination. It is clear from the name itself that USMLE is a three-step exam which is mandatory for every medical aspirant who wishes to practice medicine in the US. It is sponsored by the FSMB, Federation of State Medical Boards and NBME®, the National Board of Medical Examiners®.

The United States Medical Licensing Examination checks a doctor’s ability to use the concepts, principles, and knowledge in the best possible way. It also tests the fundamental patient-centered skills, which frame the basis of effective and safe patient care. Every step of USMLE complements each other as no individual step can stand isolated at the time of medical licensure assessment.

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