10 Top Reasons Why Ukraine the Best Place to Study Medicine Abroad!

mbbs in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. it is located in the eastern part of the Europe, between Russia and Poland, bordering the famous Black Sea. The location of the Ukraine has a strategic importance as the country crossroads between Asia and Europe. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine which is one of the beautiful places to visit in the country. The river consisted of the most significant river in the country is Dnieper (Dnipro). This river is the third longest river in the entire Europe. Nowadays, Ukraine is well-known for its manufacturing potential for all types of transport vehicles. The country has a great contribution to the space activities and launching the smarter and newer satellites in the space.

Let’s check out some of the benefits to pursue MBBS Abroad in Ukraine:

  1. The country follows the education system of the countries like the USA and Europe.
  2. Highly Educated Faculties.
  3. Direct admission in MBBS at low cost
  4. Fee structure is quite low as compared to the other European countries
  5. Easy accommodation and lower living expenses
  6. Being a part of the Bologna Process, Ukraine ensures high standard of education.
  7. Proper control over advisory councils for supervision.
  8. Universities and Colleges to study MBBS Abroad in Ukraine are well-recognized by the International Organizations such as WHO, MCI, AMEE, IMED, UNESCO, and FAIMER.
  9. The moderate climate throughout the year.
  10. Aspirants pursuing their MBBS abroad in Ukraine stands a chance to go through various screening tests such as MCI in India, USMLE in the USA, and PLAB in the UK.


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